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Balika Vadhu - Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte is an highly popular Indian television series that airs every Monday to Friday at 8pm on Colors TV. It is also telecasted in Raj TV as Man Vasanai in Tamil and Chinnari Pellikuthuru in Telugu. The story deals with Child Marriage, a social custom still prevalent in parts of India.

Present cast

  • Pratyusha Banerjee ... Anandi Jagdish Singh(Anandi)
  • Shashank Vyas ... Jagdish Singh (Jagya)
  • Anjum Farooki ... Dr Gauri (Jagya's Second Wife)
  • Surekha Sikri ... Kalyani Devi (Dadisa)
  • Sachin Shroff ... Shyam Madan Singh
  • Anup Soni ... Bhairon Dharamveer Singh
  • Smita Bansal ... Sumitra Bhairon Singh
  • Neha Marda ... Gehna Basant Singh
  • Janvi Chheda ... Sugna Shyam Singh
  • Satyajit Sharma ... Basant Mahavir Singh
  • Bhairavi Raichura ... Bhagwati Khajaan Singh (Bhago)
  • Chetanya Adib ...Khajaan Singh
  • Nivedita Bhattacharya ... Shivani
  • Ali Merchant...Nandu Basant Singh
  • Mishal Raheja...Jagdish EX Friend

Gone Cast

  • Avika Gor ...Anandi
  • Avinash Mukherjee ...Jagdish
  • Vibha Anand ...Sugna (Ex)
  • Vikrant Massey ...Shyam (Ex)
  • Sakshi Tanwar ...Teepri
  • Farida Jalal ...Badi Jiji
  • Rajendra Gupta ...Mahavir Singh
  • Amar Sharma ...Madan Singh
  • Asmita Sharma ...Radha Madan Singh
  • Mamta Chaturya ...Phooli

Dead Cast

  • Jehangir Vakil...1)
Pratap Hukum Singh


The show is set in rural India and portrays, among other prevailing social ills, the practice of child marriage. It features Anandi (Avika Gor), married at age 10 to Jagdish (Avinash Mukherjee), the only grandson of Kalyani Devi. Kalyani Devi is a strict conservative matriarch of a traditional Rajasthani family. She is very stubborn and has firm beliefs and believes that all wives trick their husbands and persuade them to do whatever the wives want, and she treats her two daughter in-laws and grand-daugghter in law very tyrannically. She has two sons, Bhairon (Anup Soni) and Basant (Satyajit Sharma). Basant, the elder son, is a widower. Gehna (Neha Marda), daughter of parents heavily in debt to Kalyani Devi, is forcibly married to him. Initially, there are many differences between the couple due to the age gap and incompatibility but they have a son named Nandu.

Bhairon, the second son, is married to Sumitra (Smita Bansal) and has two children, Jagdish and Suguna (Vibha Anand). Suguna, also a child bride, loses her husband Pratap (Jehangir Vakil) and is made to follow the hard life of a widow at the age of 16. She later marries Shyam (Vikrant Massey) in the face of much social opposition. Suguna's in-laws, Radha (Asmita Sharma) and Madan Singh (Amar Sharma) initially do not accept her but later realise their mistake. Anandi's parents, Bhagwati (Bhairavi Raichura) and Khajan Singh (Chetanya Adib) earn their living by farming. However, they often face problems but are always helped by Bhairon. Mahavir Singh (Rajendra Gupta) is Kalyani's elder brother-in-law who harbours a grudge against her and tries making life hell for her family. However, he later realises his mistake and goes to jail as a punishment. He is actually Basant's real father but Kalyani raised him at her dead sister-in-law's asking. Teepri (Sakshi Tanwar) is a childhood friend of Bhairon and Basant.

She is madly in love with Bhairon and tries to break the entire family. However, it is revealed that Teepri has a mental problem and she is taken away to be treated. The show thus tries to throw light on social malice like child marriage and the ostracising of widows prevalent in rural areas through the various travails of its characters. Anandi and Jagdish got separated when Anandi turned 13. Anandi went to her village and stayed with Bhagwati as her father, Khajan Singh was sent to jail for selling fake ghee and rice. He realised his mistake and wanted to repent for his crimes.

On July 22, 2010 the show took a five-year leap. Anandi and Jagdish are grown-up and are replaced by new actors. Bhagwati is re-united with Khajan Singh, now a good man. Anandi returns to Jagdish's house but she will have to face Kalyani who has become more tyrannical than ever. There are also problems between Basant and Gehna. Gehna rebels against Kalyani's wrongdoings and gets punished by her because of this. Shyam's uncle, Ramacharan purposely injures Suguna's son Varun and he is unable to walk. However, he gets exposed and is thrown out of his haveli by Madan Singh, his younger brother. Mahavir Singh, now a reformed man returns to Kalyani's haveli. Jagdish decides to become a doctor. Kalyani disapproves of his decision and forces him not to go. However, Anandi helps him escape. This infuriates Kalyani who declares that there is no relationship between her and Anandi much to everyone's shock. Jagdish faces ragging as a serious problem in his new college. He must fight his seniors with the help of Gauri (Anjum Farookhi)- a new friend of his at college. They become increasingly close. Meanwhile, Anandi's best friend Phoolie (Mamta Chaturya) has become extremely lonely. She was widowed at a very young age and is therefore ostricised. She craves for a life partner which leads her to write love letters to herself. The villagers believe that she is disgracing them by dating a boy and she is told never to leave her house again. Kalyani forbids Anandi to ever meet her again. Anandi agrees to these terms though she does not believe that Phoolie can do such a thing. Because of how clever Gauri is, Jagdish kills Anandi because she left her studies at a young age and therefore is very ignorant. This hurts Anandi a lot. Anandi meets her former teacher Sandhya (Sadiya Siddique) who is saddened by how Anandi gave up her studies. She tells Anandi that she has realised that child marriage is a sin and that she is trying her best to stop it. Sandhya tells Anandi that she wanted her help but realises that Anandi is too weak. Anandi begins to realise her mistake. Now, she saves her friend Gulli from what she had to got through which made her what she is now. She also proves that Phoolie is innocent.

Sandhya is extremely proud of Anandi. Anandi continues working for the betterment of society. Meanwhile, Jagdish and Gauri keep getting closer to each other. This soon turns into passionate love. Anandi discovers this on a trip to Mumbai, where Jagdish tells her that they both live in two different worlds and greatly insults her. He also introduces her as a distant relative to his friends. Anandi decides that she is going to resume her studies which she had given up due to Kalyani's disapproval. Her decision is supported by Bhairon and Sandhya. However, once more, Anandi will have to face Kalyani as an obstacle to reach her goal. Anandi exposes how Jagdish pretends that he is from a rich family in Jaipur, and that his status is single. Everyone is heartbroken, but they forgive him.

The story progresses four years ahead. The distance between Jagdish and Anandi has increased. He is now madly in love with Gauri, who is actually the girl whom he was nearly married to by Kalyani. Jagdish and Gauri become doctors. He comes to Jetsar for a visit, where everyone discovers how he has forgotten his values and respect for elders. He wants to settle down in Mumbai, far away from his family. This deeply upsets Bhairon, and Kalyani. He also insults Shyam, who tries to persuade him to stay back.

This prompts Suguna to slap him. Even though Gehna and Basant reprimand him for being rude to Shyam, he remains indifferent. He then heads to Jaipur, where he plans to meet Gauri and head to Mumbai for his higher studies. Meanwhile, Bhagwati and Khajan Singh come to know of Jagdish's intentions. Bhagwati says that it is Anandi's duty to accompany Jagdish to Mumbai, and stay with him. However, Anandi says that she does not want to go to Mumbai with Jagdish, and is happy where she is with her family. The elders eventually convince Anandi and tell Jagdish that Anandi is coming to Mumbai to stay with him. While she is packing, Jagdish calls and tells her that he doesn't love her. Anandi becomes ill after hearing this and it is revealed that the stress had given her ulcer. Bhairon goes to Mumbai to confront Jagdish, where he learns about Gauri and everything else Jagdish has been up to and is shocked and says that Jagdish is dead to him. When he returns home, he thrashes Jagdish's office in the hospital and tell everyone the truth and that from today onwards, Jagdish is dead to them. Anandi is speechless and almost zombie-like. Sumitra decides to go and meet Jagdish but fails in pursuing him to come with her. Jagdish starts worrying about his mother and thinks that he has indeed done a mistake but refuses to say sorry. Anandi decides to give herself a recognition by studying further. Kalyani and all other family members have stepped in their shoes to help her in studying for medical entrance examination.

Meanwhile, Gauri goes to meet Jagat's family and finds out all the truth about who he is and about Anandi. She also remembers that he was the one she got married to in childhood. She refuses to speak to Jagat and when Jagat finds and meets Gauri in person she tells the truth about her and their past. Jagat is shocked and after sitting outside Gauri's house in rain for her forgiveness, going to the hospital, telling Gauri he loves her very much, saying his and Anandi's marriage is illegal, and convincing Gauri's parents, Gauri and Jagat get married. Now, Gauri wants to meet her in-laws and get their blessings so they both go to Jagadish's house. There Jagadish says that although everyone has broken all ties with him he still believes that Kalyani loves him. But Kalyani also says that he made a very big mistake and says that he is not of her house. Jagadish then tells everyone the truth that Gauri is Gudiya and says that he only corrected a mistake that was done by his grandmother. Kalyani refuses to accept it but Gauri reminds her of everything and Kalyani is heartbroken. Hearing all this, she is heartbroken that she herself is the cause for all this.

Kalyani falls sick and loses her consciousness just when Anandi decides to leave the house. With that everybody's attention turns to Kalyani. Jagya and Guari, being doctors, work very hard to get Kalyani's consciousness back. In the meantime, the entire family mistreats Gauri and refuses to accept her. After Kalyani gets better, she has a plan and starts accepting her. Jagya and Gauri break into fight but come together again. Once, they were having a romantic moment after a fight and now all they people who are the hawali's neighbors see them and complain not knowing about jagya's remarriage... Later on Gauri reveals them the truth and insults Anandi for being too good to her. Sumitra goes to Gauri and tells her that because of Anandi Jagdish is living. She tells her eveything about the bullet and so on... Basant shouts on Jagiya for selling the only last thing of their father i.e. Kalyani's husband. Kalyani is heartbroken and does not supports Jagiya any more. Bhagwati and Khajan come and yell at Jagya for being so deceitful. Bhagwati wants to take Anandi back with them but Anandi refuses and says that they are now 'paraya'. This hurts Bhagwati a lot.

Later, Anandi and Bhagwati make up while talking on the phone. When Jagdish and Gauri are leaving, Gauri again mentally tortures Anandi which is overheard by Bhairon.Bhairon then tells the truth to the whole family that if husband and wife live with each other after 18 year of age for two years their marriage will thus not be called illegal. This proves that marriage of Jagdish and Gauri is illegal. After hearing so many thing and the truth Gauri tells Jagdish that she can't live with him but he persuades her to.

Meanwhile, Bhagwati and Khajan go to meet Sandhya, Anandi's teacher to apologize for not listening to her advice of not marrying Anandi at the age of 8. They beg her to give Anandi a new life. Sandhya tells Bhagwat and Khjan that she cannot make Anandi forget all the torture she has gone through, but she can give her a new lease of life. Sandhya then goes to meet Anandi who is overjoyed. Anandi says that she does not want to be a doctor, but wants to serve people as a teacher. So Anandi starts her class. At first nobody joins but then later many participate.


The show was a smash hit when it hit the television soaps bandwagon. It immediately got the needed popularity and was appreciated by viewers. It was considered as a path breaking show and it paved the way for many more shows depicting village life and social evils. The Story, Characters & Setup were admired and appreciated by all for authenticity. The series has received highest television ratings among most shows on other Indian television channels.[1] The series has received the "Best Drama Series (Fiction)" award at the Apsara Guild Awards.[2] Baalika Vadhu is now the NO.1 ranked show in INDIA in the month of MAY/JUNE/JULY according to tam ratings...


Balika Vadhu took centre stage in the National Politics when members of Janata Dal (United) raised serious objections to the show's content and demanded it be taken off-air.[3] They said the serial was glorifying child marriage and the I&B Ministry should act against it. However, the show never went off-air but started showing slogans at the beginning and at the end depicting the negative effects of child marriage.

Balika Vadhu
Genre Indian soap opera
Created by Purnendu Shekhar
Written by Purnendu Shekhar, Gajra Kotary, Rajesh Dubey, Usha Dixit & Raghuvir Shekhawat
Directed by Sidharth Sengupta & Pradeep Yadav
Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 837 as of October 21, 2011
Executive producer(s) Zakir Shaikh
Producer(s) Sunjoy Waddhwa & Comall Sunjoy W
Editor(s) Santosh Singh & Janak Chauhan
Cinematography Sanjay K Memane & Anil Katke
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Approx. 18 minutes
Production company(s) Sphereorigins Multivision Pvt. Ltd
Original channel Colors
Picture format 720i, (SDTV)
Original run July 21, 2008 – Present
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